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Attention! Dear customers! Before you fill online application, attentively read the transportation conditions and about prices!
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After completing the online application, please 1. print: PDF Invoice - 1 PDF Invoice - 2 , 2. fill in the forms 3. give them with your package to the driver.



Parcels information:

I agree to the processing of personal data and accept V&S Transport Company transportation conditions.
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V&S Transport - Parcels delivery services cost.

Parcels delivery from Latvia to England and from England to Latvia:

  • Any bag, box or case up to 20 kg with a length of 50 cm, a width of 50 cm and a height of 40 cm - 50£ or 50€.
  • In case of big volume, price is discussed on an individual arrangement.
  • Send online application right now and we will contact you in 2 working days and you will get the exact value of Your delivery.

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